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It is essential in an influencer marketing campaign to add paid boosting in order to reach the entire potential influencer audiences. Social platforms have made it harder and harder for influencers to organically reach their entire audience.

White Listing paid social ads from an influencer’s profile accelerates credibility and overall audience resonation. On average, ads that appear from an influencers channel perform 7X than a brands owned channel.

Our team has the ability to re-target influencer ads towards specific geographic and demographic regions to reach potential consumers within the brand target audience. Through a landing page, we can also retarget interested customers as a result of the campaign.

Develop a responsive landing page that captures audience retargeting information and drives key messaging.

Influencers + Experiential can be an amazing mixture. Influencers can promote, attend, or even broadcast experiential events. Why not maximize experiential with the presence of influencer who can extend a message outside the event.