“One Act Against Corruption” Campaign

Grassroots movement, Media, Social Media
About This Project

In 2018, we launched #NegUildel (One-Act Against Corruption) a grassroots anti-corruption campaign with support from Transparency International and IAAC (www.fb.com/one1act).

Through the campaign, we aimed to change the public attitude towards corruption and to make the public aware of corruption causing grave disruption in social equality and unrest, therefore putting law-abiding at disadvantage.

Within a campaign, we disseminated over 245 pieces of knowledge content advocating key messages through Facebook, conducted a weekly interview with Facebook Live to improve public’s participation and observation over common briberies, supported initiations from public and activists by uniting campaign supporters into a Facebook group as well as raising awareness on the issue.

Our efforts continued with:

  • A social challenge against corruption,
  • Civil society discussion,
  • Talk sessions with college students,
  • Media outreach through 10 media channels,
  • Special act in relation with Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday,
  • Appeal letter sent to over 100 private sector entities.

As a result of this campaign, which ran for over two months, cooperation between IAAC and its supporting parties has dramatically improved and the consolidation process of crime prevention action plans ensued at a greater scale.

The campaign was crucial to positioning corruption at the forefront of the pressing social and political issues and made an immense contribution to making anticorruption a public discourse and news agenda in Mongolia.  The campaign inspired investigative stories on major corruption cases to break out in public.