Hunnu Music Festival 2015

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About This Project

Our company was responsible for the PR promotion and stage design of the modern Hunnu Music Festival 2015. The festival, now in its second year, aims to stand out from the rest of the show, to be recognized as an international festival, and to attract more than 3,500 music-loving young people to the event, which is 54km from the city.

Feature work

We have been promoting the festival for 4 months, trying to bring in a variety of emerging artists. In doing so, the music, which is the true meaning of the festival, is the core of the brand’s advertising, with a strong focus on social media advertising, including content and live communication on Facebook, and working with a wide range of interest groups.

We have selected 8 media outlets to work with the festival’s privileged news channels to increase brand awareness through those channels.

He also organized a number of pre-party events to support pre-festival ticket sales, and managed to raise funds from festival sponsors.

Despite the promise of international DJ artists, we have positioned the festival not as a show party, but as a modern song, music and dance brand event to promote music tourism in Mongolia and introduce Mongolian music-related culture and trends to the world in the near future. Advertising is based on international standards.

We worked with well-known and influential social users to create a variety of interesting content at the height of the campaign, which set it apart from other similar events. For example, the Shuffle / Konijnendanc dance class on TEZ CADEY SEVE, co-produced by AiM4r Production, was the most popular HIT content commercial of 2015.

We have also partnered with social media channels on Facebook to reach out to fans of contemporary music, fashion, and photography, and have shared 106 posts and information about our festival with our followers in a timely manner. A total of 24 channels cooperated in disseminating information, and the total number of likes of the channels was 2,177,688.