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About This Project

One Championship, a Singapore-based Asian mixed martial arts event, was commissioned to expand the mix of mixed martial arts enthusiasts in Mongolia, to promote the success of Mongolia’s first world champion Jadamba Narantungalag, who was born at the One Championship stage, and to promote his title.

Feature work

As part of this work, we organized a month-long intensive campaign to promote the world champion J.Narantungalag, during which the fighter shared and shared his success story with each of the 16 local channels that provide sports information.


A total of 16 interviews and 5 news items featuring world champion J.Narantungala were broadcast, including Bloomberg Asia’s J.Narantungala’s personal story highlighting the rapid spread of mixed martial arts in Asia.

As a result of this work, Mongolian TV5 received the right to broadcast all the events of the One Championship live, and soon J. Narantungalag was awarded the title of Honored Athlete of Mongolia.