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With the initiative of SIGO, East Maven won a tender to conduct occupational safety and health (OSH) nationwide to win a tender for preventive training and advocacy to support businesses in introducing occupational accident and safety management systems and improving performance and monitoring.

Featured work

In order to target the target groups, we have organized a “Healthy and Safe” workshop for large enterprises that want to improve their Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) activities and share best practices, as well as for small and medium businesses that want to learn the basics of OSH management. Workplace ”forum, was responsible for the general organization of the event and information and promotion on labor safety.

In this work, we have provided a wide range of professional training and information at a very low cost in cooperation with professional OSH training and consulting organizations such as the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSHMI) and the National Association of Transportation Equipment.

During the forum, we also conducted a media campaign based on national OSH violations data to raise public awareness and awareness of common OSH violations and relevant laws and regulations.


Representatives of 183 companies participated in the first business leaders’ forum on “HEALTHY AND SAFE WORKPLACES”, which aims to educate the management of private and state-owned enterprises on the needs of the OSH management system and the general methodology for introducing management systems in accordance with international standards.

Although the main topic of the news was different, we were able to make OSH-related news the main topic of attention in the media that day, and a total of 26 channels broadcasted the information.